[Viveve] is fast, pain free, zero down time and a great option if you don’t want surgery! With the right professional you can achieve great results! There are many benefits to this procedure besides helping with a weak bladder, but it’s so nice not worrying about a bathroom or liners if I want to go on a long walk, traveling or just a simple sneeze!” Nancy (RealSelf.com)

“I got the Viveve treatment done with Laura Helm at Rejuvenate Medical Spa and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!!!. I have had 4 vaginal births and am in my late 40’s. I have noticed urine leakage when I would laugh hard or sneeze and have noticed overall laxity due to childbirth.

“I’ve been getting Botox for over 3 years from several different Med Spa’s and the Botox that Rejuvenate Medical Spa did was by far the best that I’ve had! Now if only they could make me tall, tan and rich…my life would be complete!” -Wendy
“My skin glowed and looked smooth immediately following my first SkinMedica facial peel. Two weeks later, the appearance of softer, more supple skin is still present. The SkinMedica product line is an essential for anyone interested in maintaining youthful skin. The FDA approved products have demonstrated safety and efficacy in the treatment of a multitude of skin disorders. That is important to me as a health care professional. In addition, the aesthetician was knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend Rejuvenate Medical Spa of Utah for your skin care needs.” -Deb Keye, MMSc, PA-C

“I am truly amazed by the results of the Botox and Juvederm therapy I received from Laura Helm. My prominent frown lines were so deep that my expectations were low. I did not think anything could erase what time and life had done to my face. I am a happy person who doesn’t want to greet the world with a sad look. At seventy-one I don’t need or want to appear to be twenty-one, but my brow and smile are softer and I feel more vibrant. The person looking back from the mirror no longer looks like a person I don’t know. She’s taking on the world with a new look and a new attitude. Ready people?” -Claudia Moseley

“I am a 37 year old mother of three children. I have recently been using more and more expensive and high grade facial products. My “crows feet” have been visible for some time and I was always intrigued by the idea of Botox, but never thought I would take the leap. I was nervous about needles being so close to my eye, I was concerned about it looking too “fake,” and I thought it was unaffordable. I was recently invited to an opening at Rejuvenate Medical Spa and decided I would go and take advantage of a facial. While there, I decided to try Botox on my crows feet. I had low expectations about results. It did not hurt at all and the practitioner, Laura was very skilled. I could see that she was a perfectionist which really calmed my fears. Within a few days, I noticed a significant difference in my appearance. I looked younger. Others also noticed and commented. My mom was shocked that it was a result of Botox because it looked so natural. I will definitely go back. It is much more affordable than I thought and I could walk out of the office and head back to work without everyone knowing my little secret.” -Cara T.