Body Wraps in Salt Lake City, UT

Contour Body Wraps to lose inches

$60 or purchase a series of 3 for $160

The M’Lis Body Contour Wrap can help refresh your skin while you lose inches – no workout or waiting required! This all-natural holistic body wrap has been proven definitively with more than 30 years of time-tested effectiveness at dropping inches and diminishing cellulite. It takes just a few convenient treatments at our Salt Lake City, UT clinic. Formulated by a bio-chemist, the M’Lis method focuses on the circulatory system and lymphatic flow. Over time, your body fills with toxins from the food you eat, air you breathe and harmful substances you unknowingly absorb through the skin. Those toxins become trapped in fat cells and lead to premature aging and even cancer. The M’Lis Body Wrap applies pressure and triggers improved circulation to help your body detoxify internally at a cellular level. Clients can safely lose up to 14 inches, and post-body wrap will notice improved health, nourished skin and soft contouring effects. Contact our Salt Lake City clinic to learn more.

M’Lis Body Contour Benefits

  • • Slimness – You can drop up to half a clothing size during each wrap
  • • Improved skin smoothness – You can achieve cellulite reduction
  • • Skin Firming – Inch loss is immediate and lasting, because the inch loss isn’t water weight
  • • Holistic health improvement – The holistic treatment cleanses you from the inside
  • • Pampering and relaxation – The warm, luxurious, body wrap decreases stress
  • • Skin hydration – No water is lost during the body wrap, so your skin is soft and supple

Clients experience ideal results with a series of 3 or 6 treatments, and our Salt Lake City medical director recommends 4 to 7 days between wraps. For people on a weight loss program, we encourage one body wrap treatment for every 5 to 10 pounds lost. Within one hour, we guarantee that between 4 and 14 inches will disappear. However, don’t expect the number on the scale to change, because this isn’t weight loss, and avoid the bad habits that brought extra inches in the first place. Eating fruits, vegetables and healthy fats is vital along with plenty of water and regular exercise.

Hot Stone Therapy Body Treatment

$75/ 60 minutes

hot-stone-therapyHot Stone Body Treatment is a method of body therapy that utilizes therapeutic river rocks to relieve residual pain and relax your muscles. Alleviation of pain is provided by deep penetrating heat and/or alternating cold. The health advantages of alternating hot and cold to the body have been scientifically and medically proven for a long time. Hot stone therapy delivers a notable expansion and contraction within your circulatory system, improving the function of your lymphatic and immune systems and enhancing your body’s self-healing mechanisms. This body treatment takes you into deep states of relaxation, releasing stress and anxiety, detoxifying your body, and balancing your nervous system. You can trust the studies that have proven the positive effects or you can feel the blissful effects for yourself. Our trained body therapists make you feel fabulous from head to toe.

Seaweed Back Treatment

$75.00/60 minutes

body2Ancient societies around the world knew to live near oceans because of the highly beneficial sea salt and seaweed they could access daily. At Rejuvenate Medical Spa, you can gain from the wisdom of the ancients with a skin stimulating Seaweed Back Treatment. This natural, holistic body treatment option both smoothes skin on the surface and allows your body to absorb healthful nutrients. Seaweed body treatments are designed to soothe tired, stressed muscles in your back and encourage a sense of peace, relaxation and well-being. Our system, designed by doctors, will help you feel relaxed. Furthermore, our one-of-a-kind process lets you experience the refreshing and rejuvenating aspects of a facial, but for the skin on your back. Along with a double cleanse, warm steam, exfoliation and hot oil back massage, your skin therapist will apply an enzymatic sea mud pack to further detoxify and smooth the skin. The treatment is topped off with a moisturizer and scalp treatment.