Laser Hair Removal

Salt Lake City Laser Hair Removal Services

There’s a funny thing about hair; it has a way of showing up exactly where we don’t want to see it. This could mean hair on your arms and legs, a faint “unibrow,” dark stragglers on your chin or pesky stubble on your underarms.

If you’re like most women and many men, you need a way to ditch your unwanted hair. Of course, you can grab a razor and some shaving cream, but you know that this will only provide a temporary reprieve. Or maybe you’ve tried waxing, but you’re tired of the pain, expense and wasted time it entails. And who wants the horrid chemical smell and toxic substances in liquid hair removers like Nair?

There is another way to get rid of unwanted hair. The good news is that after a few treatments, results are permanent. You need to try laser hair removal from Rejuvenate Medical Spa.

Why should you choose Rejuvenate for your SLC laser hair removal?

We use state-of-the-art laser technology to safely and permanently reduce unsightly hair in all skin types for our clients in the Salt Lake City area. We recently purchased the Gentle Max Pro, “The Cadillac of Lasers” for our competitively priced laser services.

Our Salt Lake City laser hair removal services include practically every area of the body, including ears, arms, upper lip, back, and eyebrows. (See the list below for pricing for each area.) When you visit us, we will begin your service with an informative consultation where we can discuss the look you are hoping to attain and decide how we can help you get there. Next, your treatment will begin. The lasers will target individual hairs using selective photothermolysis, meaning a special wavelength of light. The laser will target dark hairs pulse to disable the follicle’s growth potential without damaging surrounding skin. It works by way of melanin disruption, because melanin in your body’s molecules is what causes hair to grow and darken.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved this treatment for permanent hair reduction because of its safety and long-term, stable results, and our loyal laser hair removal clients in Salt Lake City and around Utah prove that the treatments work. Unfortunately, some laser hair removal patients who use other clinics experience regrowth, or at least they seem to.

At Rejuvenate Medical Spa in the foothills of Salt Lake City, all of our laser hair removal services are performed by a Physician Assistant, instead of a medical assistant, laser tech, or aesthetician. This is truly a medical treatment, and the results will last a lifetime. We focus on keeping your skin healthy while removing every single hair in site. You want a clean, smooth look and the silky feeling that comes from a having a hairless body, and we’re committed to helping you get there.

With our elite laser hair removal service, you’ll finally be able to achieve the look that you’ve been dreaming of and have the assurance that it will stay that way. Call or email Rejuvenate Medical Spa for laser hair removal package pricing and current specials!

Laser Hair Removal Prices

Upper Lip$50
Lower Abdomen$50
Bikini Line$100
Female Chest$100
Detailed Bikini$150
Upper Arms$150
Lower Legs$200
Upper Legs$250
Full Face$250
Male Chest$250
Full Arms$275
Male Back$300
Full legs$400
Full legs w/ bikini line$450